Enabling Next Generation Manufacturing

The ubiquity of information, desire for personalization and focus on sustainable and low-cost products, causes a paradigm shift in manufacturing. While today mass-production of standardized products is common, the future lies in customized, on-demand and locally manufactured products. Additive Manufacturing (AM) has real potential in this field. The AMSYSTEMS Center has the ambition to become the leading innovation center for advanced AM equipment.

AM suits the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind products of increasingly complex shapes and intelligent features. Yet, there is a great need for advanced multi-material AM equipment in terms of speed, accuracy, scalability, complexity and the processing of diverse materials in one system. The AMSYSTEMS Center is a joint innovation center of TNO and the High Tech Systems Center of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e HTSC) to accelerate (new ways of) additive manufacturing in diverse industries.


Customized, on-demand and de-centralized manufacturing

Fundamental and Applied Research

The AMSYSTEMS Center focuses predominantly on the equipment side. Advanced systems that produce — layer by layer — smart, personalized and multi-functional products. AMSYSTEMS will undertake fundamental and applied research to arrive at innovations that ultimately make it to market introduction.

Research programs focus on systems for multi-material additive (and hybrid) manufacturing, including mechatronics principles, multi-technology innovations and process control for mass customization and manufacturability.

In addition, a new chair and research group ‘Systems Mechatronics for Advanced Manufacturing’ will be established at the TU/e. Till 2020 the AMSYSTEMS Center will grow towards 25 PhD students and over 50 full-time professionals from academia, knowledge institutes and industry. AMSYSTEMS will also train experts and scientists that the emerging 3D-printing industry needs.

One piece,
Complex products