Medical / Dental

New design methodologies in patient specific customizations have led to market improvement in the med-tech industry.

Opportunities can be seen in many applications, such as: patient specific implants, personalized medicines, external patient specific bracing, medical devices and diagnostic equipment. Furthermore, 3D printed pharmaceuticals emerge as a promising field. The motivation for pharmaceutical companies to explore the potential of printed pills is the ability to personalize medicines (pills with fully personalized prescriptions, multi-ingredient pills). And also to design and fabricate micro structures that dictate the release of active ingredients (so called controlled drug release).

Personalized medicine gives customized health for the individual patient. Controlled drug release is one of the key parameters to facilitate personalized medicines. With 3D printing, personalized dosages forms and patient specific dosages can be made. Tablets can be printing with tailored release profiles: the amount of API can be changed to the requested drug release.