Fieldlab Multi-Material 3D

The Fieldlab Multi-M3D is a co-creation platform in which parties along the value chain network to develop and validate next generation multi-technology and multi-material

Companies, universities and knowledge institutes collaborate to achieve both  
the long term envisioned manufacturingenvironment and short term industrially relevant goals.  In varying consortia of parties with differing expertise new R&D projects can be defined ensuring an interdisciplinary approach. Equipment like a continuous printing platform and a multi-material photo-polymerisation platform are available at AMSYSTEMS Center.


Fieldlab Multi-M3D has several services. It brings companies and other organisations together, informs their parties about current and new R&D programs, and coordinate and facilitate the matchmaking of for example joint development of a roadmap and network meetings.

If you would like to talk to our program manager, please contact Anton Aulbers at

Smart Industry

The Fieldlab Multi-M3D is a part of the Dutch Smart Industry Action Agenda to take manufacturing into the fourth industrial revolution.