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Food and Pharma
A shift is currently taking place within food production. Personalized nutrition will become a reality within decades, the demand for sustainable production processes is increasing and the level of interest in unique eating experiences is growing. Current production processes cannot cope with these developments and new production processes are therefore in demand. For this reason, TNO and TU/e expanded their collaboration in 3D food printing to Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in June 2018. This is carried out under the name Digital Food Processing Initiative (DFPI). WUR’s expertise in food science has significantly enhanced our position in 3D food printing. Unique to this collaboration is the combination of knowledge expertise on nutrition and high-tech systems in terms of both applied and fundamental research. At a later stage, pharma printing, i.e. the printing of medicines, will be investigated within this collaboration.

For more information on 3D food printing and/or pharma printing, please contact Daniel van der Linden, Business Development Manager DPFI:, +31 (0)6 3023 0147 or Patrick Anderson, TU/e Professor of Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids, (0)40 247 4823

Structural Electronics
Research into Structural Electronics follows on from the innovations (including flexible electronics) of the Holst Centre. The further development of Structural Electronics has therefore been housed within the Holst Centre, as we see a lot of synergy and future opportunities here. The Holst Centre will continue to work closely with TU Eindhoven. More than five PhD students from various research groups are currently working on this subject.
For more information about 3D Structural Electronics, please contact Jeroen van den Brand, Department Manager Hybrid Printed Electronics:, +31 (0)6 3175 7081

Industrial Additive Manufacturing
In Industrial Additive Manufacturing, AMSYSTEMS Center has successfully developed unique methods and technologies to significantly increase the speed of the 3D printing process. Within this application area, the center has succeeded in bringing innovation closer to the market with a view to valorizing this valuable knowledge and solutions. For this purpose, a new company has been founded with the name AMSYSTEMS B.V. We are proud that this name will be used for the new enterprise. As a result, there is no reason to maintain the name ‘AMSYSTEMS Center’ in addition to all of the aforementioned partnerships. The new company AMSYSTEMS B.V., with TNO as a shareholder, will focus primarily on the further development and commercialization of the aforementioned technological solutions and knowhow.  For more information about Industrial Additive Manufacturing, please contact Roeland Brugman, CEO & co- founder of AMSYSTEMS B.V.:, +31 (0)6 51192701

We would like to thank you for your support and confidence in AMSYSTEMS Center and its activities. We trust that with the new structure and focus, we can safeguard over 25 years of experience and expertise in additive manufacturing and thus further expand the knowledge position of the Netherlands. At the same time, TNO and TU/e also hope to be discussion partners for your innovation issues in the future. We wish all parties involved much success in their current and future developments in the field of additive manufacturing.

Kind regards,

Pieter Debrauwer                           
Research Manager                      
TNO Equipment for Additive Manufacturing

Katja Pahnke
Managing Director
TU/e High Tech Systems Center

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