AM suits the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind products of increasingly complex shapes and intelligent features. Yet, there is a great need for advanced multi-material AM equipment in terms of speed, accuracy, scalability, complexity and the processing of diverse materials in one system.

The AMSYSTEMS Center is a joint innovation center of TNO and the High Tech Systems Center of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e HTSC) to accelerate (new ways of) additive manufacturing in diverse industries. Therefore the AMSYSTEMS Center focuses on:

  • The development of next generation multi-material/multi-technology AM equipment,
  • The integration of AM technologies towards mass-customization production chains, enabling the industry to step up to Next Generation Manufacturing.

Industry agenda
The AMSYSTEMS Center has a clear goal to bring together science and industry and is therefore strongly linked to the Dutch Smart Industry agenda. AMSYSTEMS will offer a mix of shared research programs and contract research projects. The programs are enriched with PhD projects, creating seeds for innovation and education of a talented workforce. Furthermore the programs are incubation ground for start-up and spin-off companies. The parties involved in AMSYSTEMS bring AM concepts to market applications, from prototyping to industrialization.

At the TU/e Campus
AMSYSTEMS Center is located at the TU/e Campus and will build on the existing expertise of TU/e and TNO. Both initiators combine years of experience in additive manufacturing and mechatronics and will make – together with the involved industrial partners – the step towards the next generation of integrated AM production systems.

For more information about our center, please see our AMSYSTEMS Center brochure.