AMSYSTEMS Center makes its debut at IDTechEX

The AMSYSTEMS Center had its exhibition debut at the IDTechEX, which took place on 10th and 11th  May in Berlin, Germany. The booth presentation was a co-creation with BigRep, who exhibited its One printer, which continuously printed a sizeable part during the 2-days exhibition.

The 3D printed demonstrators attracted good interest from the visitors, showcasing the combination of 3D printing stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS), the pick & place of electronic components and the direct write of conductive silver tracks. Program manager Wijnand Germs was one of the speakers at IDTechEX. Around 150 participants attended his presentation on the AMSYSTEMS Center program on 3D printed structural electronics.

AMSYSTEMS Center is currently bringing companies from different parts of the value chain together to accelerate the innovations in the field of industrial additive manufacturing of electronic devices with new functionalities, improved product performance, lower cost and risk in low-series manufacturing.

Have you missed us in Berlin? Please contact the AMSYSTEMS Center or come to IDTECHEX in St. Clara, USA on 15th and 16th November this fall.