Application fields



3D food printing has great potential to produce personalized food products that augment healthy and sustainable food production and consumption. With the right recipe and equipment consumer products can be made with optimized taste, texture, nutrition with a revolutionary process reducing waste and potential spoilage.



New design methodologies in patient specific customizations have led to market improvement in the med-tech industry. Opportunities can be seen in many applications, such as patient specific models for surgical planning, customized surgical braces and tools, and porous implants for  one in‐growth. Novel 3D printed medical devices reduce operating time, make surgeries easier to perform, lower risks of cesarean section, and provide better  outcomes for patients. Besides it will also bring treatment to developing countries through low cost customized prosthetics and braces. With 3D printing, next generation smart implants, with bio interfaces, drug-eluting capability, and embedded electronics can now be created.


3D printed Structural Electronics is an emerging field of technology that enables complete freedom of manufacturing in various form factors. This technology combines AM techniques with pick & place and direct write techniques, in order to fabricate complex structural parts with integrated electronics, without the need for any product-specific tooling. It has the potential to open up various application domains where conventional manufacturing techniques are not cost-effective. Applications include (but are not limited to) customized lighting, smart connectors and smart exoskeletons. For this application we work closely with Holst Centre.