High Tech

AM has the prospect to create new product solutions for high-tech process equipment. Solutions that are difficult to produce with traditional manufacturing solutions (such as milling and drilling).

AMSYSTEMS Center dives into important recurrent questions from the industry concerning: higher process temperatures, reduction of heating / cooling times, improving of accuracy and speed. AMSYSTEMS Center already offers insight from a use case investigated in detail: the manufacturing of cooling structures with very high heat transfer capability at an affordable price.
Advanced ceramic additive manufacturing is seen as a promising enabling manufacturing technology to address challenges related to system performance and dimensional stability of high tech systems, with free-form design of lightweight parts. Advanced Ceramics exhibit superior hardness, toughness, corrosion/oxidation resistance and electromagnetic properties. AMSYSTEMS Center develops, together with its industrial and academic partners, technology and equipment concepts for large-area parts for identified and relevant high tech equipment use cases.