Board meeting Fieldlab MultiM-3D at Océ

On June 12th the second Board meeting of the Fieldlab MultiM-3D was held, kindly hosted by Océ in Venlo, in presence of all work package leaders and management.

Being on an actual partner location, we could get to know the companies at their own facilities which was a very effective way to learn the needs and skills.

Update future planning
The program started with a tour through Océ printing facilities where we could see the life material jetting as part of the dental work package. Also Océ testability, PAINT, was demonstrated. PAINT makes it possible to monitor during printing and to assure reliable jetting of all nozzles. After that, the work package leaders provided an update of their work package with an emphasis on the near and further future planning of their activities. It was nice to see that while running in the second half of the project period, actual and appealing demonstrators are being produced by all work packages. It demonstrates that after getting to know the partners, we are now speeding up in progressing of the technical work.

Also it is noteworthy to mention that there is a clear wish to continue the activities of the fieldlab in the future as part of H2020, EFRO or other means. This will be considered further and possibilities are being assessed. The next general stakeholder meeting is planned for the last week of September, venue is still open! Thanks Océ for hosting us!

The Fieldlab MultiM-3D on tour at Océ in Venlo