NextGen Food Printer
NextGen Food Printer


Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution.

  • Fieldlab Multi-Material 3D Printing
    The Fieldlab MultiM3D is a pilot factory in which companies, universities, and knowledge institutes collaborate in varying consortia. It is a co-creation platform with a state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • PrintValley2020
    With Printvalley2020, AMSYSTEMS and partners will make the leap from continuous AM (the existing PrintValley system) towards a hybrid continuous
    AM based production platform, with multimaterial capabilities, the integration of components during building of the part and capabilities that allow high-
    speed mass-customization. This enables:

• higher production speed (by a factor 10)
• shorter production cycles
• competitive prices

  • NextGen Food Printer
    AMSYSTEMS continues to effectively develop next generation 3D food print technologies. The NextGen Food Printer program is aimed at developing a multi-material powder deposition technology. This will open doors to the printing of completely new food textures, personalized nutrition, and novel food products in general.