Integrated Electronics

The ambition of the work package integrated electronics is to extend the functionality of additive manufacturing (AM) products by using multi-material 3D printing of conductive and non-conductive materials.

The focus is on the development and integration of critical processes, using LED lighting products as carrier. Three aspects are addressed in parallel together with the partners TNO, Domicro, PwC and Signify:

  • Baseline processes for the combination of 3D printing, application of electrical structures, 3D assembly and interconnect of components. Vat polymerization, extrusion and jetting have been selected for further investigation. The biggest challenge is in the design and manufacturing of vertical conductive structures in a layer-by-layer process.
  • Prototypes with 3D integrated electronics (tracks and components), that meet mechanical and functional specifications. Together with the TU/e department Industrial Design the needs of the design and maker community have been explored. Three prototypes including LED lighting, sensor and interactivity functionality are specified and product designs are made. Individual building blocks are printed and tested. The next phase is to integrate all functions and processes.
  • First business scenarios, exploiting design freedom and customization enabled by flexibility of integrated electronics. General drivers and potential roadblocks for AM have been identified, which will be used to assess 3D integrated electronics opportunities.