Partners of Fieldlab Multi-M3D – why they take part


Partner Admantec
Bart Kooijmans, general manager

Admatec is a company dedicated to producing ceramics through Additive Manufacturing from single piece to large-scale series. At Admatec we focus on the capabilities that 3D ceramic printing offers. Many markets can benefit from applying ceramics to their products: the possibilities are endless.

Support development of Additive Manufactured Ceramics
We joined this fieldlab because we value cooperative projects that support the development of Additive Manufactured Ceramics. We hope to fortify our technology position, find new cooperation’s and of course we like to contribute and show the state-of-art technology at our facilities.


Partner DoMicro
Marcel, Grooten, managing director

DoMicro BV is a high-tech provider creating value by additive technologies in electronic manufacturing. DoMicro develops inkjet printing processes for flexible hybrid and printed electronics. The company delivers R&D services, small series production, system architecture and project management for customers exploring new emerging markets. The flexible hybrid electronics market is growing rapidly due to the increased demand for integrated wireless electronics and applications like IoT, wearables and sensors in flexible form factors.

New capabilities
In recent years, DoMicro BV has progressed in printed electronics and integration of conventional electronics in flexible foils structures. Printing multi-layers, passive components and interconnection of thinned silicon dies is developed by specific inkjet and micro assembly technology. Within Fieldlab MM3D we’d like to explore and develop technology for 3D applications and products. By creating 3D integrated structures, we are aiming to demonstrate new capabilities and strengthen our portfolio and business propositions.


Partner Océ
René van der Meer,
Lead Technologist Industrial Printing

Océ is global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services. Océ accelerates new digital print technologies and transforms them into local printing products and services, for multinationals around the globe to creative studios around the corner. René van der Meer, lead technologist for industrial printing at Océ’s R&D department in Venlo. He researches technologies for digital printing of everything, except paper.

Multi-Material 3D Dental
Together with AMSYSTEMS Center, NextDent and Brightlands Material Center Océ is active work package Multi-Material 3D Dental in this field lab and hopes to explore different 3D applications and the feasibility of printing realistic teeth. In future other multimaterial 3D applications could be bio-medical certified prostheses like facial or skull reconstructions, noses and even eyes. More information:

Partner Eindhoven University of Technology
Pascal Etman, associate professor,
dept. Mechanical Engineering

The departments of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) work together within the AMSYSTEMS Center to develop the 3D printing of ceramics.

PhD students in Fieldlab MultiM-3D
This partnership involves three PhD students from three different research groups:

  1. Mechanics of Materials (MoM)
  2. Control Systems Technology (CST)
  3. Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics (TVD).

The PhD students are looking for answers to the following research questions:
a. How can you close the feedback-control loop for ceramic AM by means of measuring, actualizing and control?
b. Which mechanical behavior of a 3D printed product can be predicted in relation to laser-light penetration, photopolymerization and heat generation?
c. How can rheological models and measurements help to make accurate deposits of a thin layer of ceramic slurry?
The three PhD projects concern fundamental research. The research team is taking part in the Fieldlab Multi-M3D so that the knowledge they develop during the projects can be made available for industrial purposes.

PDEng trainees also in Fieldlab Multi-M3D
Three PDEng trainee designers are currently being funded by the Efro Stimulus program. Two of these trainee designers come from the Mechatronics Systems Design PDEng program at TU/e, and the other one is from the PDEng Design of Technical Instrumentation program. They are working on their final projects within the context of TNO’s Lepus Next Gen machine. The main themes are: designing the sensors for measuring the thickness of the layer and degree of polymerization, designing hardware and software for the control technology, and designing an up-to-date re-coater for slurry deposition. The joint aims are to help improve the quality of the printed ceramic product, to enlarge the scale of printable ceramic products and eventually to realize multi-material ceramic applications. The involvement of researchers from TNO and Fieldlab partners is essential in this respect.