Smart Industry Fieldlab Multi – Material 3D at the 3D Printed Electronics Conference 2019

The EFRO subsidized project Fieldlab Multi Material 3D (Fieldlab MM3D) is working on an approach to 3D print artificial colored teeth for dentures and crowns. The resulting technology may serve a billion euro market, provide better-looking results and massively reduce the amount of manual labor that goes into making dental prostheses.

The dental material is provided by NextDent and is suitable for 3D Printing. AMSYSTEMS Center integrates Océ’s color jetting technology with their mono color 3D dental printer.

On January 21st, 2019, the 3D Printed Electronics Conference took place at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. René van der Meer of Océ Research & Development represented Fieldlab MM3D and gave an inspirational talk about ‘Printing Realistic Teeth’, showing the first Multi- Material 3D printed objects (photo 1 and 2).


Photo 1. The four quadrants in this object is to check         Photo 2. An object with two concentric circles
the alignment of the printhead

These objects are jetted at a high temperature with two Océ printheads in a Fieldlab MM3D printer using industrial grade dental resins materials. This means Fieldlab MM3D has printed the world’s first multi-coloured objects with inkjet using two dental resins. In the next quarter coloring inks, developed by Brightlands Materials Center, will be tested together with the TNO Lepus SLA printer. The fieldlab project ends in September 2019.

More information: Presentation AMSYSTEMS Fieldlab MM3D.